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Falsy Values brings the brightest front-end minds to Warsaw from around the globe.
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Developer & Author

Rachel is Managing Director and founder of web development company edgeofmyseat.com, previously a consultancy that have shifted focus to products, currently working exclusively on their CMS Perch.

Her professional skills range from front and back-end development to operations. Her day can include planning a new marketing campaign, fixing a CSS issue on a site, writing a Puppet manifest and writing a Perch app in PHP.



Programmer & Tech Writer

Marijn is a programmer and teacher. He’s written the book Eloquent JavaScript. When he’s not busy working on his own open-source projects, such as CodeMirror and Tern, he sometimes free-lances or contributes to other interesting things, such as the Rust compiler.



Web Animation Pro

Val is a designer and web animation consultant with a talent for getting designers and developers alike excited about the power of animation. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations and the upcoming Designing Interface Animations on Rosenfeld Media.

She curates the knowledge-packed UI Animation Newsletter, hosts the All The Right Moves screencast, and co-hosts the Motion and Meaning podcast. Val leads workshops at companies and conferences around the world on motion design for the web and loves every minute of it.



Julian is on a mission to design and develop great user experiences. He currently works for Rainforest, a company that automates QA testing and it’s become a major obsession for him write testing software and hack the frontend.

He’s done everything from making art films to writing UI for the finance industry. Julian lives currently in Graz, Austria, together with his wife and two kids.

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Image Compression Researcher

Developer at FT Labs, working on Financial Times‘ flagship mobile app built exclusively using Web technologies. Participated in HTML5 development as Invited expert in W3C HTML WG and WHATWG. Independent image compression researcher: creator of ImageOptim and pngquant2.



Developer & OS Evangelist

Tod is a JavaScript and HTML5 developer focusing on AngularJS. He’s Director of Web Development at Mozio (San Francisco based start-up), a Developer Expert at Google, conference speaker and open source evangelist.

Todd co-created Conditionizr (.NET Magazine’s Open Source Project of the Year finalist), a standalone JavaScript tool that detects front-end environments and returns an Object with boolean values on given test states.



Generic Computer Geek

Martin is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields.

He works as a software engineer at Archilogic in front- and backend.

He devotes his time to moving the web forward, fixing problems, building applications and systems and breaking things for fun & profit.

Martin believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.



Stoyan Stefanov is a Facebook engineer. Previously at Yahoo! he was the creator of the smush.it online image optimization tool and architect of YSlow 2.0. performance tool. Book author (JavaScript Patterns, Object-Oriented JavaScript), contributor (Even Faster Web Sites, High-Performance JavaScript) and speaker (Velocity, JSConf, Fronteers, Ajax Experience).



:wq! Master

Jezen is a software development consultant and founder of Yak Shaving LTD. He is currently slinging JavaScript at UXPin—a design and prototyping platform startup with offices in Poland and USA. His focus is on developer workflow, happiness, and productivity, and he often writes about Unix, Vim, and how to wield the two together.